Industrial Lease Expiration Checklist & Considerations

An industrial lease expiration can be daunting for any business. It often prompts several questions that take time and energy to answer. Our team at Cresa has been involved in helping companies answer these questions for over thirty years. To help our partners and clients organize their thoughts, we created the checklist below. Answering these…

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Construction Update – February 2022

Construction Site

Over two years into the pandemic and there has been a negative effect on significant number ofindustries. One of those industries is construction. The pandemic, along with the Suez Canal blockagefrom the Ever Given container ship, showed us how quickly an event can affect material availability andimpact project timelines and budgets. Like many, there was…

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Commercial Real Estate Strategic Planning

It’s an exciting moment for companies when a real estate decision is made. Whether it be purchasing land for new construction, buying an existing building, or signing a new lease. That transaction and the resulting space will play a critical role in your business. It will be the space where your business comes together to…

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Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts are abundant in many areas of life. If prior to any endeavor, you had an opportunity to eliminate a potential future conflict, wouldn’t you take the proper steps to ensure you did so? Many brokers in commercial real estate have landlords and tenants as their clients. In this situation, how could a tenant be…

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Defining Occupier-Centric Services

The commercial real estate industry and its supporting services can be complex to navigate. That’s why our team at Cresa feels it’s important to reinforce that companies who lease or own their space deserve the best representation. In an effort to continue educating our clients and partners, we sat down with Cresa Minneapolis advisors Mitch…

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What Automation Means for Your Real Estate Strategy

What automation means for your real estate strategy

The switch to automation rocked the auto industry decades ago. Now, manufacturing and distribution companies in other industries are considering a move toward more automated facilities. Of course, automation brings one major concern: while new technology can help deliver products more affordably and efficiently, it also leads to cutting jobs. The switch to automation brings…

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The Need For Speed In Warehousing

warehousing Minneapolis

The need for speed in warehousing has never been greater. As consumers we find ourselves in the driver’s seat—with options to select the best price and free delivery,  however, this forces companies to deliver goods faster and cheaper than ever before or risk losing business. Whether you’re a retailer, supplier, manufacturer, or their third party…

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