Construction Update – February 2022

February 24, 2022  |  BY Eric Szafranski

Construction Site

Over two years into the pandemic and there has been a negative effect on significant number of
industries. One of those industries is construction. The pandemic, along with the Suez Canal blockage
from the Ever Given container ship, showed us how quickly an event can affect material availability and
impact project timelines and budgets.

Like many, there was a point in time we thought the pandemic was dwindling and things were returning to normal, but this is not proving to be the case. Along with ongoing material changes and delays, we are still facing challenges with COVID-19 and its impact on the workforce.

Below is a list of major impacts we have seen:

  • Delayed city reviews for permits (tied to workforce)
  • Lumber shortages
  • Steel shortages
  • Tile delays
  • Lighting delays
  • Carpet delays due to yarn shortages
  • Electrical panels and switch gear delays
  • Copper shortages
  • Polyethylene shorts (plastics and paints)
  • Technology: chip shortage, AV equipment delays, sensors, etc.
  • Appliances and furniture manufacturing delays

This may be the new normal for the construction industry and new construction plans will need to
accommodate this reality. Our team of experienced construction project managers have been sharing the
following with our clients:

Start Projects Early. Expect Delays. Make Timely Decisions. Have a Back Up Plan.