Real Estate Best Practices

Do the Right Thing: My Career at Cresa Minneapolis

What does it take to be successful in commercial real estate? For me, the answer has stayed the same, even as the industry and our city has evolved: Do the right thing. Earlier this year, I was honored to be named on the Twin Cities Business list of Notable Women in Commercial Real Estate 2020.…

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4 Things You Should Know This Tax Season

Happy tax season! (Just us? Your office isn’t celebrating with donuts and balloons?) But seriously. Most companies need real estate to do business, and we should all pay our fair share of taxes on that real estate. So how do you know if you’re actually paying a fair share? This time of year, real estate…

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How We’re Disrupting the Corporate Real Estate Industry

What’s your favorite secret in the Twin Cities? Maybe it’s a bakery you hit for doughnuts every Saturday morning before the crowds roll in. Maybe it’s the tiny barber shop where you’ve been getting regular haircuts for years. Or if you’re a parent, maybe it’s your on-call babysitter whose number you guard under lock and…

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How We Help Companies Rethink Their Real Estate Strategy

real estate strategy

One day a few years ago, we got a call from a longtime manufacturing client. “We need your help,” he said. “We want to buy the land next door to build a new building. Could you make this happen?” He was asking us to help his company execute something pretty simple. Cresa is a real…

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