Virtual Reality for Healthcare

September 9, 2021  |  BY Cresa Minneapolis

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Elevating Visualization & Streamlining Design Decision-Making

Hudson Physicians, an independent and community focused healthcare group, recently partnered with Cresa Minneapolis to reimagine the future of healthcare through the design and development of a state-of-the-art medical campus. Together, the two teams worked to serve a growing community and elevate the patient experience through a design process that involves participation from both healthcare practitioners (HCPs) and patients. From the project’s inception, it was important that stakeholders have a say in the design of the new facility, but doing so in a way that is cost and time effective proved to be challenging.

Cresa Minneapolis took an outside of the box approach to gathering qualitative feedback from HCP’s through use of 3D modeling and virtual reality. In partnership with the project’s general contractor and architect, Cresa created several virtual environments that are exact replicas of the future exam room and workstations for both nurses and physicians. As a team, it was important to recreate these elements in a virtual environment as close to specification as possible to gather accurate feedback.

The outcome of these activities was a clear path forward for the design of the exam room. Cresa was able to gather important information quickly and at a fraction of the cost to create a mock-up exam room. There are future plans to use virtual reality to inform the design of other important spaces within the healthcare campus.

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