Commercial Real Estate Strategic Planning

It’s an exciting moment for companies when a real estate decision is made. Whether it be purchasing land for new construction, buying an existing building, or signing a new lease. That transaction and the resulting space will play a critical role in your business. It will be the space where your business comes together to…

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Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts are abundant in many areas of life. If prior to any endeavor, you had an opportunity to eliminate a potential future conflict, wouldn’t you take the proper steps to ensure you did so? Many brokers in commercial real estate have landlords and tenants as their clients. In this situation, how could a tenant be…

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Defining Occupier-Centric Services

The commercial real estate industry and its supporting services can be complex to navigate. That’s why our team at Cresa feels it’s important to reinforce that companies who lease or own their space deserve the best representation. In an effort to continue educating our clients and partners, we sat down with Cresa Minneapolis advisors Mitch…

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Do the Right Thing: My Career at Cresa Minneapolis

What does it take to be successful in commercial real estate? For me, the answer has stayed the same, even as the industry and our city has evolved: Do the right thing. Earlier this year, I was honored to be named on the Twin Cities Business list of Notable Women in Commercial Real Estate 2020.…

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4 Things You Should Know This Tax Season

Happy tax season! (Just us? Your office isn’t celebrating with donuts and balloons?) But seriously. Most companies need real estate to do business, and we should all pay our fair share of taxes on that real estate. So how do you know if you’re actually paying a fair share? This time of year, real estate…

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What’s Next with Ping Yeh, CEO of StemoniX

Head Shot of Ping Yeh

When Ping Yeh was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, his body simply did not respond to the treatment; it was almost as if the radiation did not exist. In order to treat his cancer, Yeh underwent eight rounds of standard chemotherapy, followed by an aggressive form of chemotherapy that required around-the-clock monitoring, and radiation. Doctors were…

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The Next 30 Years

Someone asked me recently what I predict about the future of the corporate real estate industry. Cresa Minneapolis is turning 30 years old this month, and to answer the question, I looked back at where we’ve been. Here’s what’s funny: My predictions for the future of the industry are pretty similar to what Cresa’s founders,…

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Built to Last

Cresa Minneapolis history

Almost 30 years ago, I got an interesting offer to start something new. My colleague Bill Tobin was starting a new real estate practice. His vision was simple: start a corporate real estate firm that represents the end customers — the tenants and buyers — not the landlords and developers. He had a hunch that…

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30 Days of Impact for Refugees


During the month of May, Cresa is partnering with American Refugee Committee (ARC), a local nonprofit, to support ‘Doing the Doable’ for refugee families. It’s all about seizing the opportunities to make an impact in a person’s life with relatively few resources – and doing it each and every day. Projects range from bringing joy and…

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