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Do the Right Thing: My Career at Cresa Minneapolis

What does it take to be successful in commercial real estate? For me, the answer has stayed the same, even as the industry and our city has evolved: Do the right thing. Earlier this year, I was honored to be named on the Twin Cities Business list of Notable Women in Commercial Real Estate 2020.…

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4 Things You Should Know This Tax Season

Happy tax season! (Just us? Your office isn’t celebrating with donuts and balloons?) But seriously. Most companies need real estate to do business, and we should all pay our fair share of taxes on that real estate. So how do you know if you’re actually paying a fair share? This time of year, real estate…

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What’s Next with Meet Minneapolis CEO Melvin Tennant

Cresa is committed to building a community of learning. Our customers look to us for insight not just on what’s happening in real estate, but what’s happening in the markets and industries we serve. In our new interview series “What’s Next,” we’ll highlight the Twin Cities leaders whose big ideas will shape the future of…

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Tracking the “Amenities Boom” in Downtown Minneapolis

amenities downtown Minneapolis

Image courtesy of Baker Center. Companies want to be in downtown Minneapolis, even if it means paying more to be there. In 2017, we saw an overwhelming trend of companies moving their offices from suburban locations to downtown. Why? One simple answer: Millennials. Gen Y employees are a driving factor behind the suburban-to-urban migration seen…

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5 Blocks to Watch in Downtown Minneapolis

downtown Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis is an exciting place to live, work, shop and play these days. I’ve been working downtown since the 90’s and we’re seeing new development in areas that have long gone untouched, along with new trends in how companies use their existing spaces. Leaders are rethinking how they use office space. While businesses used to…

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